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From school capacity to feeder school insights, do it all inside Enrolment360.

Enrolment360 helps schools with enrolment and retention of students. Cut your costs of student recruitment and retention and improve on existing enrolment systems. 

Using enrolment data, determine which students would be the best fit for your school, track your social media updates, and get geocode location data on both current and prospective students. It has never been easier to get a snapshot of your school’s current and future enrolment rates, ensure you’re on top of enrolments with the power of Enrolment360.

"Our core busienss is educating students... knowing where the students are, is key to delivering a curriculum"

Keep track of all your current and prospective students and enrolment rates with ease.

Leverage the true power of your enrolment data with Enrolment360. Beyond knowing your capacity rates for the current year and beyond, gain a stronger understanding of your school’s attractiveness, historical enrolment data and breakdowns of enrolment by year level. Visualise your enrolment numbers like never before. No more scrolling through hundreds of lines of spreadsheets just to answer a single question. Answer any enrolment query with ease with the help of Enrolment360.

Every school is unique. Every school has a character, a history, a culture. Defining what that looks like and expressing it to your community is important. Your school’s unique factor could be the sports teams, special programs, faith-based instruction, or a unique approach to classroom learning. This is the “brand” of your school and the reason that parents may recognise it as a place to send their children.

The 5 Step Enrolment360 Methodology

Below are just 5 ways that Enrolment360 can help your Education Institution maximise your student recruitment. 


Centralise your Data – Rapidly

Education360’s suite of over 1000 ready-made data connectors drastically lowers the time, cost and complexity of centralising and automating data collection from across your school. In those cases where we don’t have a connector ready to use out of the box, or your current technology does not have capability, use one of our dozens of generic data-connection and upload methods to get the job done.

Some of the hundreds of Enrolment & CRM Connectors available with Enrolment360.


What makes your school unique?

Every school is unique. Every school has a character, a history, a culture. Defining what that looks like and expressing it to your community is important, this is your school’s ‘brand’. The brand may not be what you automatically assume. Start by asking staff, students and parents what they like about the school. Asking parents will give you a good idea about why they sent their child to the school in the first place.


Bring your enrolment data to life with powerful visualisations and analytics

Education360’s powerful data visualisation tools unlocks this insight from your data.

With all enrolment data unified from across your school, the next step is to surface insights through visualisations and analytics. Siloed data is important to show you how your school enrolment rates are for the current and future years, but it will not tell you ‘why’ this is the case. New and important insights are gathered once data from different sources is blended, enabling schools to not only see how their enrolments are going, but make informed decisions to improve or make any changes for the future.


Empower your school with more than just plain data

With Education360’s combination of automated data connection, data cleansing, visualisation and distribution capability, you can monitor your enrolment rates not just at end of year, but whenever decision makers want. The earlier trends and figures are noticed, the earlier schools can intervene and make positive change.


Power-up your school admissions and enrolment programs

Enrolment rates are any schools’ bottom line. With Enrolment360’s specialised data management, analytics, and visualisation tools, allow your enrolment team to work at full capacity, to ensure enrolment rates stay steady for current year and for those to come.

Get a 360-degree view of your institution's enrolments

With our rapid and flexible methodology and technology, quickly establish a 360-degree view of your enrolment data so you can remain confident you are across all of the most important metrics, measures and activities, all in one place.

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