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Drive higher rankings with Board360​

Board360 centralises the management and reporting of critical data from across your Institutions divisions. Board360 brings you the technology, specialist services and solutions required to centralise the control of the metrics that drive an improvement in your key measures of success.

"The compliance regime has moved boards from what I call a light-touch monitoring role to a formal supervisory role and the head is now expected to act as CEO as well as educational leader. Directors are also very much focused on high-level financial management, marketing, public relations, crisis management and information technology in education, which is very different from 10 or 15 years ago."

Unify your Institutions key KPI's

An Institutions board plays an important role in proper governance so that school resources are used efficiently, risk is managed effectively, and community expectations and student needs are prioritised to ensure ongoing achievement of the school’s strategic plan and obligations. 

With Board360 you can aggregate and leverage your Institutions data to efficiently and effectively bring all of your key metrics together in one place, so your Board and ELT all remain on the same page.

The 5 Step Board360 Methodology

Below are just 5 ways that Board360 can help your Education Institution.


Centralise all of your school's data

Whether you have sources of data specific to your Board reports or rolling up and aggregating metrics from any of the 11 other pillars of Education360, reduce the cycle time of reporting through efficient and repeatable data collection methods.

With Education360’s data connection and storage facilities, remove the duplication of effort, leverage existing data and power-up your spreadsheets by centralising into one tool, ready for cleansing and reporting to ensure you have confidence in your reported data.

Some of the hundreds of data connectors available with Education360.


Leverage your data at all levels of your Institution

Whether you are producing a Board report or your closing the books at month-end, leverage the same data to ensure efficiency and consistency in your reporting methods. 

With Education360’s industry leading data blending, cleansing and transformation tools, you can leverage the data already powering your operations by rolling up and aggregating your operational data to the Board, drastically reducing the time, effort and complexity typically found in the production of Board reports.


Bring your Board reports to life with powerful dashboards and visualisations.

With your data cleansed, unified and aggregated from across your Institution, bring your Board reporting to life with powerfully dynamic data visualisations and dashboards that surface your most critical metrics on a single page. Enable drill down and exploration of your data by Board members to highlight root causes and facilitate remediation and planning discussions. 

Board360 gives you the ability to get data into the hands of your Board members to drive more effective oversight and management with significantly less effort and more consistency and transparency.


Empower your Institution with live analytics and insights - not just data and static reports

Education360’s combination of automated data connection, data cleansing, visualisation and distribution capability, you can monitor the performance of your key metrics through your reporting periods, not just at the end of your reporting cycles. With early insight, comes early intervention, enabling you to get ahead of the game in establishing remediation or improvement plans.


Power-up your Board management program

With Education360’s specialised Data Management, Analytics, Executive Coordination & Management and Project Management services, you can augment your Institutions internal teams to drive greater efficiency, insight, coordination and improvements to help maximise the value of your Board360 investment.

Get a 360-degree view of your Institutions key metrics

With our rapid and flexible methodology and technology, quickly establish a 360-degree view of your entire Institution so you can remain confident you have the most informed and up-to-date data on your digital operations.

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