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Increase your ROI with Finance360

Finance360 centralises the management and reporting of critical data from across your finance activities. Finance360 brings you the technology, specialist services and solutions required to take control of the metrics that drive an improvement in your key measures of success. 

“Most education institutions have relatively sound accounting practices, but when it comes to exploratory, forensic or forward planning, they simply lack the tools, time and resources to do this.”

Track your finances in near-real-time

Strong financial analysis, control and management is critical to the long-term viability of your Institution. To manage this, visibility into your key metrics, financial markers, contracts and forecasts is crucial for ensuring your Institution has the agility to identify, adapt, plan and respond – ensuring long-term financial health and compliance.

Finance360 brings your finance and accounting data from across all sources within your Institution to give you a 360-degree view of your key financial metrics and reports.

The 5 Step Finance360 Methodology

Below are just 5 ways that Finance360 can help your Education Institution.


Centralise your Finance Data – Rapidly

Education360’s suite of over 1000 ready-made data connectors drastically lowers the time, cost and complexity of centralising and automating data collection from across your school. In those cases where we don’t have a connector ready to use out of the box, or your current technology does not have capability, one of our dozens of generic data-connection and upload methods.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of ready-made finance and accounting connectors available in Finance360.


Unify your data and reduce your data management overhead

With the complex array of financial and accounting systems, sources and ‘dark datasets’ centralised, leverage the power of Education360’s industry leading data blending, cleansing and transformation tools to break down siloes in your finance data, reduce repetitive data management and cleansing tasks and establish a unified and holistic view of your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and other key financial metrics.


Bring your finance data to life with powerful visualisations, apps and analytics

With your finance data unified, cleansed and merged from across your Institution, the next step is to surface insights through powerful visualisations, analytics and alerts. With our Finance360 dashboards and visualisations, you will have a clear view of all of your most important metrics on one page. Surface causal and correlated relationships in your data driving deviations from your budgets. Spot repetitive costs and leakage. Monitor KPI trends of your major service providers to facilitate better contract renewal and negotiation. Be alerted when important thresholds are passed and mitigate financial risk. 

Finance360 gives you the insights unseen when data is locked up in systems and spreadsheets across your Institution.


Empower your finance and account staff with analytics and insights not just data

Messy and inefficient accounting practices can lead to serious issues if trends are not spotted and mitigating action is not taken. 

With Finance360, you can empower your administrative and accounting staff with the metrics that are important to their role so they can move from reactive and retrospective management to proactive, forward looking planning.


Power-up your financial management program

With the critical role finance plays in the long-term viability of the school’s success, continuous improvement across your financial and accounting practices is critical to the long-term financial health of the school. 

With Finance360’s specialised data management, analytical, accounting & finance specialists and project management services, you can augment your Institutions internal teams maximise your Finance360 investment.


Get a 360-degree view of your Institutions operations

With our rapid and flexible methodology and technology, quickly establish a 360-degree view of your finance and accounting activities so you can remain confident you are across all of the most important metrics, measures and activities, all in one place.

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