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Benchmark your school in real time

With Benchmark360 we bring valuable and important benchmark data to you so you can measure your schools’ performance in near real-time, right alongside key performance indicators within your own schools dashboards.

"Benchmarking in education sets standards for learning and achievement. It can help in assessment for placement and performance. Furthermore, benchmarking can be used to raise standards in education by establishing best practices."

Industry benchmarks + your data

The importance and value of benchmarking in education has been well studied and documented. Whether it is benchmarking students, staff or institutions as a whole, the value of measuring performance against local, regional, national and even international standards provides valuable insight for directing tactical and strategic planning to continue the path to educational excellence. 

With Benchmark360, take your schools measurement and planning to the next level by blending your schools own internal data with major sources of state, national and international benchmark data to give you near real-time insight into your schools current performance, right alongside your other Education360 dashboards.

The 5 Step Benchmark360 Methodology

Below are just 5 ways that Benchmark360 can help your Education Institution….


Your school's data benchmarked in near real-time

With a large and growing set of valuable industry related benchmark datasets, metrics and visualisations, get instant visibility to where your school is currently positioned. Couple this with Education360’s suite of over 1000 ready-made data connectors to automate data collection from across your school, and you will quickly start to see the power of real-time measurement of your school’s operational and academic data against published benchmarks.


Unify your near real-time data with industry benchmarks

With Education360’s powerful data blending and transformation tools, take your schools’ operational and academic data to the next level by merging it with industry benchmark metrics, unlocking insight into performance trends as they happen rather than waiting weeks or months to know how you are tracking.


Measure, monitor and adjust

Comparative analysis is a valuable method for determining whether you are on or off course to enable you to adapt and adjust in real-time. With Education360’s powerful data visualisation, dashboard and alert features, you track your school’s performance with your internal data right alongside industry benchmarks to know how you are pacing so you can plan and adjust. Be alerted when important KPI’s drop below a certain threshold. Drill down into the details of your own data to know what’s driving that change and take action to make change and correct.


Empower your school’s staff with analytics and insights, not just data

Your school’s staff are swimming in data, but the more fragmented this data becomes, the more opportunity grows for gaps and negative trends in performance. Keeping industry benchmarking front-of-mind alongside other valuable sources of your school’s performance data empowers your staff to quickly identify where real-time inputs are trending above or below expected standards and take action to correct this trend. Education360’s set of visualisation, alerting and distribution tools ensures that all of your staff are on the same page.


Power-up your school measurement and performance management

A school’s academic and business performance against benchmarks, regional, state and national standards plays a significant role in the lifecycle of a school. From enrolments to graduations and all of the operational aspects that facilitate the educational journey, it is crucial to have strong measurement and management practices in place. 

With Benchmark360’s suite of specialist Data Management, Analytical, Performance Improvement and Project Management services, you can leverage the power of our deep benchmark datasets and experience to identify and implement ongoing improvements within your Institution.

Get a 360-degree view of your school's benchmark results

With our rapid and flexible project methodology, powerful technology and valuable datasets, you can quickly establish a 360-degree view of your schools performance to standards so you can feel confident that through early insight into important metrics, you can take appropriate action to adjust and give you school that best chance possible to favourably perform and rank.

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