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Increase your ROI with Acquire360

With Acquire360, you can centralise your data across all of your marketing & sales channels to create a holistic view of engagement, spend and conversion. Get your Management, Marketing, Agency and Sales teams all on the same page as you gain deeper near real-time insights into what activities are resonating with your prospective and current students and optimise to drive greater return on your acquisition investment.

"I am lucky enough that in my school, we have exceptionally high referral rates for enrolments, however, in all other schools I have worked, the advertising budget was 10x what we spend here. It was a very significant cost to the school."

Marketing Optimisation & Student Recruitment Monitoring Tool

In the complex, fragmented and costly world of digital and offline marketing, understanding whether the effort and expense invested is truly yielding positive benefits on your school’s brand, reputation and enrolments is highly difficult. Couple this with disconnected admissions processes, and it is almost impossible to know the true cost / benefit of your student acquisition activities. 

Acquire360 centralises and unifies data from across your marketing and admissions processes to form a 360-degree view of your marketing spend and reach, and the conversion of leads into enrolments so you can optimise your investment and have greater confidence in your year-on-year planning and budgeting. 

The 5 Step Acquire360 Methodology

Below are just 5 ways that Acquire360 can help your Education Institution maximise your student recruitment. 


Centralise your Data – Rapidly

Education360’s suite of over 1000 ready-made data connectors drastically lowers the time, cost and complexity of centralising and automating data collection from across your school. In those cases where we don’t have a connector ready to use out of the box, or your current technology does not have capability, use one of our dozens of generic data-connection and upload methods.

Some of the hundreds of Marketing & CRM Connectors available with Acquire360.


Understand and optimise your marketing to maximise awareness and engagement

Recruitment begins with awareness. That means maximising your marketing reach to the right people at the right time with the right message. Scattergun marketing at best will put you in-front of prospective families and students at high cost, and at worst can damage perception of your brand. Acquire360 surfaces important metrics from your online activities so you can quickly determine what is working and what is not.


Bring online and offline marketing spend together

Offline (print, radio and television) marketing is traditionally expensive and difficult to measure effectiveness. Blending your offline marketing activity and spend with ‘signals’ from your online social and website data in Acquire360 can begin to surface valuable correlations, helping you gain a greater understanding of the impact of your offline investments.


Measure and adapt your student recruitment and admissions processes

With greater visibility and responsiveness into your online and offline marketing activities, with Acquire360, you can gain further insight into the student recruitment and admissions funnel, ensuring you are optimising the full path from awareness to conversion.


Power-up your recruitment and admissions program

With Education360’s specialised Data Management, Analytics, Acquisition Support and Project Management services, you can augment your internal teams or outsource completely to help maximise the value of your Acquire360 investment.

Get a 360-degree view of your marketing and recruitment activities

With ‘near-real-time’ insights and alerts from critical metrics powered by your marketing and admissions data, gain a complete 360-degree view and take action to drive real and tangible improvements in your acquisition activities.

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