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See how your school can establish a 360-degree view of your entire operation, saving your staff endless hours of time and energy, and placing the most critical metrics in the palm of your hand.

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Join the Lighthouse Schools Program and become a leader in analytics driven education.

Access our comprehensive Lighthouse Schools Program Guide to get an in-depth overview of how Education360 and the Lighthouse Program can help you realise your strategic goals through unlocking the value of your school’s data.


Get the right enrolments for your school

Acquire360 centralises and unifies data from across your marketing and admissions processes to form a 360-degree view of your marketing spend, reach, and the conversion of leads into enrolments. This optimises your investment and provides greater confidence in your year-on-year planning and budgeting.


Connecting the K-12 learning journey

Student360 is the workhorse bringing together historic and current academic performance, attendance, engagement and wellbeing data. Measure an individual student, class, year level or even your entire school.


Run your school operation with confidence

With Ops360 you now have the ability to measure utilisation of buildings & classrooms, sporting facilities, and school assets far more effectively. Instigate change and take advantage of new found capabilities to drive efficiencies to improve the overall management of school operations.


K-12 is serious business

Finance plays a critical role in ensuring your school continues to thrive. Finance360 will keep you focussed on your key performance indicators and overall financial health. 

Finance360 comes into its own with clear and customisable reporting, analysis and sharing features, to help your staff keep all relevant stakeholders up to date with the school’s financial position.


Manage your schools digital health

Monitor digital performance, security and network assets removing the digital divide critical to the delivery of your school’s pedagogy whether face to face or remote. 

ICT360 brings you the technology, specialist services and solutions required to centralise control of metrics that drive an improvement in your key measures of success and promote a management by exception approach.


Industry benchmarks + your data

Merge 3rd party data with your school’s very own real time data insights to focus on the essence of improvement, rather than just on measurement alone. 

Benchmark360 not only allows a school to know where it stands at a state, national and global scale, but most importantly it supports adaption and improvement in near-real time. As a result you now have the ability to implement and measure standards across the administrative and academic aspects of your school to create the opportunity to set achievable, realistic targets based on demonstrated best-in-class performance.


Power-up your HR and workforce program

New trends and opportunities can be spotted early on, and emerging problems can be addressed before they significantly impact the school. Staff360 reporting helps schools make better hiring decisions, forecasting leave requirements, tracking employee satisfaction and compliance.


Board papers have now come to life

With your data cleansed, unified and aggregated from across your institution, bring your Board reporting to life with dynamic data visualisations and dashboards that illustrate your most critical metrics on a single page. Enable drill down, and exploration of your data by Board members to highlight root causes, and facilitate remediation and planning discussions. 

Evolution = Your Data + Education360​

There are many data sources throughout the education system that teachers, principals and business administrators interact with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Education360 merges together these data sources across your institution, providing near real time insights and reporting functions, allowing you to adapt and refine your decision making.